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Featured Art

Fieldstone FireplaceSpending time curled up reading a magazine at the Main Library is easy in the winter months thanks to the Fieldstone Fireplace. A mason from Durkin and Company spent days placing each stone in the correct place. The fireplace stands behind the Popular Materials Reference Desk. It was a gift from Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Green.

Pumpkin Contest Header 

It's that time of year again! The staff at the Clinton-Macomb Public Library is eager for your votes in the fifth annual CMPL Great Pumpkin Contest!  Take a look at the offerings we have for 2012 and vote for your favorite pumpkin design at the bottom of the page.  Only you can help one department or branch win bragging rights for the next year. Vote now through October 30! The winner will be announced on Halloween.


Humpty Pumpkin


pumpkin picture 1  

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall
All of Obama’s horses
And all of Romney’s men
Managed to put
Humpty back together again

Working together, the bipartisan way
Teamwork for this egg rules the day
For pumpkins and president, ‘tis the time to vote
A happy ending for all is our great hope!


"I'll Get You, My Pretty!"


 pumpkin picture 1  


The Source of All Evil

 pumpkin picture 1

What evil lurks inside your Halloween pumpkin?


  pumpkin picture 2  


Go Tigers!

 pumpkin picture 1  

Cookie Monster

  pumpkin picture 2    

Fairy House
 pumpkin picture 1 pumpkin picture 2  


Faberge Egg Pumpkin
  pumpkin picture 1  

Gaze upon the exquisiteness of the Faberge Egg Pumpkin! Behold the glittery gold scrolls and shimmering gems all topped with a sparkly crown.


To see more than 200 bejeweled beauties visit the Detroit Institute of Arts to see the exhibit, Faberge: The Rise and Fall, showing now through January 21, 2013. The show traces Karl Faberge’s rise to fame, highlighting his business savvy, artistic innovations, and privileged relationship with the Russian aristocracy. The legacy and name of Faberge continues to hold a place in popular culture.