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Babies like to hear voices and will react to different voices.  In a room with people talking a baby will turn his/her head toward mother when she speaks.

What can I do to help my baby learn language?

  • Sing and recite nursery rhyme.
  • Play Peek-a-boo.
  • Read to your baby.  Babies as young as four months can show interest in books.  They like to hold, chew, and move books.  Board books and vinyl books are best for babies.
Nursery rhymes games 
Two Bouncing Games: 

   Trot trot to Boston (bounce baby on your knees)

   To buy a loaf of Bread
   Trot trot home again
   The old horse is dead. (stop bouncing on the word dead)
   Trot Trot to Boston  (bound baby on knees)
   Trot Trot to Lynn
   Trot Trot home again
   But don't fall in (while holding baby let baby swing to the right or left)
   From Wibbleton to Wobbleton is fifteen miles  (bounce baby, but faster bounce on fifteen miles)                    
   From Wobbleton to Wibbleton is fifteen miles
   Wibbleton to Wobbleton
   Wobbleton to Wibbleton
   From Wibbleton to Wobbleton is fifteen miles.
A Lift Game:   

   Hickory Dickory Dare

   The pig flew up in the air  (lift baby above your head)
   The man in brown, he brought him down (slowly lower baby back down)
Hickory Dickory Dare
Clapping Games (Besides Patty Cake!):
   There is Pease Porridge Hot  (clap babies hands together)
Pease Porridge Cold (clap babies hands on knees)
Pease Porridge in the Pot (clap babies hands together)
   Nine Days Old  (clap babies hands on knees)
Some like them Hot (continue clapping as above)
Some like them Cold
   Some like them in the Pot
   Nine days old.
A Tickle Game:   

   Creepie Mousie, Creepie Mousie  (walk two fingers up babies arm)
From the barney to the housey (walk two fingers very quickly and tickle under arm)

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