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Brain Development

As your baby grows during the first year his/her brain is developing and organizing itself through visual, auditory and physical stimulation.  Talking, singing, holding your baby helps his/her brain develop its neural connections.

What should my baby be doing?

By 3 months:  Your baby should be able to lift head and chest while lying on stomach; follow objects with his/her eyes; use hand to grasp.

 By 6 months:  Your baby will be reaching for objects; can roll over; bounces when standing.

By 12 Months:  Your baby may be able to walk two or three steps without support; babble; Says "mama" and "dada."

By 18 Months:  Your baby can walk well and hold a crayon and scribble it on paper.  They can say 8 - 10 words, including names and understand much more than they can communicate.  They take direction from grown-ups, but do not interactively play with other children yet.

Early Brain Development what you need to know

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National Child Care Institute/ Brain Development

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